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1 October, 2020

Zkitchen lagos

General review: Lunch date. @zkitchenlagos is a Lebanese owned restaurant, the interior is superb, I love how simple and classy the interior is. We went there on a Sunday because we planned a proper lunch date, the warmth extends to even the security man at the entrance, how lovely. I wasn’t too hungry so I ordered dessert (I love anything chocolate) but the chocolate had mashed peanut and I’m not so into peanuts 😩. I requested for the menu to order something else when the restauranteur/manager (I didn’t ask 🤦🏽‍♀️) interfered nicely and told me not to bother asking for the menu, he’ll get me what I’d like. I was like ‘okayyy’ and voila, he brought me cheesecake 😍😍. I won’t lie I’ve never tried cheesecake, he waited for me to try it and gave me that “do you like it?” Look. I loved it 😁. He stopped by several times to ask if we were okay, the warmth here is natural. .
Customer service: Super Friendly, well trained and indulging waiters. .
What’s on their menu: *sigh* the menu is quiet brief, not so much drama. They serve small plates to share (3500-6500), soups/salads/greens (4000-7000), burger (6000-8000), butchers cut (10000-25000), pasta (6000-12500), mains (8000-14000), sides (2000), dessert (3500-4500). Their drinks as usual mocktails (2500), cocktails (3500-4500) .
Ideal for: Planned lunch dates, dinner dates, Birthday dinners etc. .
Spoiler Alert: None .
My conclusion: I won’t lie, I felt their menu was a bit high until I got home and checked it again, dishes like Lobsters, Salmons are expensive everywhere, stick to your budget. The have all ranges that suit your budget.
Also, We both agreed this is the best lunch date we’ve had this year so far 😊😊. No rude waiter or frowning waiter, they were all smiling. Looking forward to spending more time here! When you get there, try their Suya Satay! .
Prices of meals in the picture :
Cheesecake(dessert)- 4500
Chicken schnitzel(burger)- 6000
French fries(sides)- 2000
Suya satay (small plates to share)- 3500
Schweppes- 500
Strawberry press (cocktail)- 3500
VAT 😂 😂


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