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30 November, 2020

Tilt Terrace, Lekki

The funny thing about my experience at Tilt Terrace is that I thought it was going to be awful. In fact, once I heard the music that welcomed me into the space I was like “dammit”! Butttt we ended up having a good time. Turns out we just showed up a little too early (when the music wasn’t popping).

Tilt Terrace is located in Aaron’s Lekki Mall, which is also where Mango Room, BubbleTii, Milano Shawarma and Glover Court Suya are located. My friend and I chose to meet-up here on a Saturday evening. There’s ample parking but it can get pretty tight. I don’t think Tilt Terrace is wheelchair accessible as I had to climb a flight of stairs to get in. And I don’t remember seeing an elevator.

What I liked –

Ambience and breezeeee! This space is not bad at all, but note that there isn’t much of a view. Plus, the day I visited we sat outside (there’s an indoor space as well) and the breeze felt very nice
I liked the music. The songs got better as the night went on. And the speakers weren’t too loud so we could have conversations without yelling over each other
My mojito was yummy and potent! I was very happy with this comeback because my first drink was very bad. I loved that it wasn’t an issue sending back the first drink, and we didn’t get billed for it
What could be improved –

The Tilt Terrace Cocktail. Omgoshhhh just don’t do it! It tasted so bad, especially for the “house special drink”. Super underwhelming
The waiters were very nice but didn’t have much of a clue about the menu and were pretty inattentive. I wanted to know the main type of alcohol in the house special drink but they had no idea. When we were ready to order, we had to flag down a waitress because they’d stopped paying attention once we got our first set of drinks. It would have been nice if they stopped by more often to ask if we needed anything else
There were only two restrooms – male and female. My friend used the male restroom and didn’t like it. He said it wasn’t dirty but needs improvement. 6/10 restroom rating

The food we tried was just there; nothing spectacular. We ordered fried sweet potatoes (notice I didn’t say sweet potato fries) which cost #500, fried yam (#500) and chicken asun (#2200). The sweet potato came with sauce but the yam didn’t…and I think it should have. The chicken was decent. The strawberry daiquiri and mojito cost #2000 and #1800 respectively. Our food and drinks (4 cocktails) cost #10, 800 in total and we paid via POS.

Overall, I liked Tilt Terrace and would recommend the spot for a chilled night out. I’m sure they have their busy days but the Saturday night I visited was kind of empty (and perfect for me!)

PS – If you’re interested in other karaoke bars in Lekki, Tilt Terrace offers karaoke on Sundays. Shisha is also available for 4K. Tilt Terrace is open till the last customer leaves


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